Unfortunately, our time on the island is limited…we were very lucky to be allowed permission to overnight. Landing on Lunga is tricky as we must transfer everyone & everything offshore into a small rubber dinghy, and then scramble over wet slippery rocks.

We are bringing 4 stations and will emphasise on working as many uniques as possible. We will concentrate on 20m, 30m & 40m with the 4th station QRV on whichever higher bands decide to open. This, after all, is the 2nd most wanted IOTA in Europe right now!

We will have 1 x high power station to work as many of our NA / JA / DX friends as possible. All other stations will be 100w however our antennas will be Hexbeam, Verticals and VDAs right on the water’s edge.

We feel it’s much more important to maximise our time on the air rather than spending hours and hours of setting up.

This is tent and generator DXpeditioning at it’s best.

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